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Next comes strategy and execution and somewhere down the track Leo realizes they are attracted to this strange person who keeps running into them and seems to know their entire back story. One things for sure — Capricorn always does their homework! Leo is fire — they burn brightly and like the sun are the center of their own solar system.

Taurus and Leo Compatibility – Zodiac Signs

This can result in a very sulky Leo and a disgruntled Capricorn. Both have expensive tastes and are slaves to fashion. Collecting beautiful things and being stylishly seen in all the right places puts them on a natural high. They also enjoy luxury holidays and are spotted in places like Paris and the Bahamas. The desire to form a power couple and be lauded in their respective fields is also a unifying force with both going all out to facilitate each other success.

You never know — hard work might just keep them together. Fixed sign Leo wants passion — they thrive on excitement and optimism — on the other hand cardinal sign Capricorn seeks calm, surety and predictability. The Lion is reactive — the Mountain goat proactive and these differences result in clashes and criticism. The lion becomes despondent and even depressed when not receiving enough attention and affection and Capricorn gets anxious when things are too random or haphazard.

Taurus and Leo always start up with great enthusiasm in any relationship they share. They have a lot of desires in common so they well understand each other and are able to provide them to one another. However, they also take pleasure in protecting and showering Taurus with gifts of affection.

Since Leo and Taurus have quite similar loyalty this makes for warm friendliness and interest causing Taurus to feel content, secure and cared for. Being too similar in certain areas does cause frustration between Taurus and Leo, since both feel the need to accept praise, affection and pats on the head to continuously feel treasured.

Taurus needs love and affection, but the self-centered Leo is not about to devote themselves to such lunacy. Leo, in turn, craves the same thing but does Taurus people are much too stubborn and pig headed if they do not get the affection they want. Occasionally, Leo depends on the stable and calm Taurus to deal with a situation in their lives, but still Leos are too quick to snap up the credit. The last thing they want is personal glory. Their reward is in self satisfaction knowing they have reached their goals on their own.

Together they can even more comforting if Leo is more sensitive towards the humble Taurus.


Taurus and Leo are good at making and keeping relation they have with each other. They both make wonderful siblings, friends, colleagues and relatives with Leo taking most of the spotlight of the relationship. Whatever they do together, Taurus feels satisfied with their work and support they give to Leo while Leo goes out to get appreciation. They both are warm and generous to each other with lots share and make together. Business venture goes well when these two are involved as it becomes a perfect blend of hard work and glamor but for that Leo needs to be careful with money to keep Taurus peaceful.

Love affair can work well with these two if Leo becomes more affectionate and attentive towards Taurus and Taurus becomes more expressive and flexible with Leo. Parenthood is very fascinating for both these sun signs as they are very generous and love to care for the dependents. They make one of the best parents and similarly they cherish their childhood where they are attended well and pampered and praised for their deeds by their elders. There are always equal clashes as are the cherishing moments in the relationship of Taurus and Leo.

Leo is too self-absorbed and that makes the Taurus sometimes feels unloved and uncared while Leos find Taurus insensitive and inexpressive so they move out to get attention. The outer world interaction of Leo makes Taurus insecure especially when they are in a romantic relation. Also the extravagance of Leo is intolerable for the Taurus. If each is patient and shows a bit of self-sacrifice, their reward turns out to be extremely wonderful and harmony is bestowed on their bond.

Aries Sign Compatibility

This is not the case, My boss and a leo and my other co-worker is a Taurus and these women both have strong personality and both want to be the boss and they but heads. The Taurus female is stubborn does what she wants, constantly lies and is not trustworthy.

This is the most inaccurate compatibility reading that I have found. Taurus main trait is being honest.

Taurus woman thrive on being trusted. Simply because it makes them feel good. Not to get something out of it like most. Taurus Man is all I think about and he has been like a rock to me, supporting me in every way…. This just make me very nervous. I am a Taurus man. There is a 13 gate of zodiac known as the serpent sign and then comes the King of all 13 zodiac signs. Only 1 zodiac sign is powerful and qualified to be that.

Yes, u think right. Its the taurus also known as the Taurian King or Spirit King. Taurus Doesnt care about his own feelings, he cares about the others and what ever it takes to make his fellow love or friend or relatives happy. To do the impossible.

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Our will is beyond understanding. We love the truth and are realistic, materialistic, rich, loving, caring, sacrificing our own needs for others to be happy. I have dated all 13 zodiac sign women, or been friends with them. They ruin people lifes by stealing their girl friends or boyfriends and Yes, i too am in Love with a leo woman, She is my life. Everything to me there it is.

Leo and Leo Nature and Nuances:

What ever i earn i give it to her. What ever i buy i do it for her. I never copy her, I am a software engineer. I know what her nature is. She knows it too.

She knows that she is an egotistical maniac but she also knows that she cannot understand the level of my decision making and she also knows that i never make a decision that went wrong the past 7 years. So imagine i mentioned 13, how much knowledge and wisdom i would have. Even though i know my girlfriend is egotistical and self centered and a narsacist. But hey, i love her to the depths of my heart.

Because that is my nature as a Taurus man. You speak of Taurus men like they are below you.

Taurus and Leo Compatibility

Thats your nature and it will never change. How would you deserve our love? I have registered just to like and comment. Never have I ever read such egotistical filth and arrogance. He was so judgemental and at the end of the day I walked away for good, he drove me crazy. To this day whenever he sees me he always make a beeline for me and tries his luck.

The sex was OK, he thought it was mind blowing…. The main problem was he was too earthy and lacked fineness; I could not have a real intelligent conversation with him without him feeling that I was over intellectualising the conversation and lording it over him. He really was defined by his penis, one day we were walking down the Kings Road, Chelsea London and he had his arm draped around my neck when he decided to grab my breast. I was mortified and hit him a great big slap around the chops, well this ended up in a huge fight in the middle of the street and I fled in floods of tears.

Gemini: Oh boy, what a sign. I have had two relationships with guys who were Gemini and both were fraught with insecurity — on my part and both were musicians. They are so interesting and cool but I was not confident enough to handle them. I did not know if I was coming or going but when we were together I was in blissful heaven…it was the bits in between I hated!

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