New moon february 14 astrology

Fortunate connections could be made now, mainly related to life path and career goals.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope Summary for February The month ahead holds fantastic potential for your intimate life, a sense of emotional growth, significant career events, and a growing focus on friends and happiness goals, dear Cancer. The New Moon on February 4th can nudge you toward new beginnings related to your shared finances, intimate relationships, support, power dynamics, or dependencies. It's a strong time for pushing forward a money-making endeavor, business plan, or lifestyle change.

You'll want to start fresh with money or habits.

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If you've been feeling overwhelmed, this is a time for making empowering changes that help you get your life on track. While this influence encourages you to dig deep, as the month progresses, a more social, connected theme emerges and then builds and strengthens.

Best New Moon of the Year! Feb 2019 Astrological Transits

First, Venus enters your partnership sector on the 3rd. This is a time for connecting with others, checking in with important people in your life, and honoring your close relationships. You're more willing to compromise and will go to great lengths to make things work. It's a beautiful time for building and enhancing your connections, and in some cases, attracting a new relationship or bringing a current one to a new level.

This is a positive cycle for sharing your ideas, learning new things, and building your knowledge. From the 14th, Mars moves into your social sector, and then on the 19th, the Sun heads into your spirit sector, too. From this point forward, you'll have all inner planets as allies, and the mood is light, sociable, energetic, and interactive. Meanwhile, Uranus is spending its final full month in your career and reputation sector before moving on for good. Mars joins Uranus, peaking on February , and you can experience this as a prompt to make a big career or money move.

The desire or need to break free from situations that restrict or limit you is strong and can be positive if it gives you the courage to make long overdue changes. Keep in mind that it can be tricky distinguishing between impulse and intuition, so do your best to tune out distractions and get in touch with your true needs. This can certainly be a time to rock the boat or to dare to do things a little differently.

Since the beginning of the year, Mars has been animating your career and reputation sector, and on February 14th, moves into your social sector. Mars continues there, heating up your friendships, until the end of March. This is a good time for connecting with people to enjoy new experiences or for energizing teamwork. The Full Moon on the 19th illuminates a learning, transportation, connecting, or communications matter.

You may have been feeling stuck, and this leads to an epiphany about your personal interests or skills. This can be a hectic time when you need to take care of essential errands or tie up loose ends, but also a highly enlightening time when it's easier to follow your heart. In the last days of the month, you gain wonderful emotional fuel. Making changes seems to come naturally because you are working with an open mind and you're answering calls to spontaneity.

Accepting new ideas and exploring different topics come naturally now, and there could be a decision made regarding friendship, travel, or education. Passions rise, and enthusiasm is strong. February Leo Monthly Horoscope Summary: The month is relationship-focused, dear Leo, and holds exciting energy for learning, sharing, and publishing as well.

As February advances, you'll find yourself increasingly focused on business or your more worldly goals. The New Moon on the 4th can boost up a relationship. It's a period for a new beginning related to your relationships, especially partnering matters, negotiations, sense of balance in your life, and perspective. It's a time for reaching for new or redefined goals related to a partnership, and something is building, evolving, and strengthening. It's a wonderful period for connecting with others in valuable, rewarding ways.

What’s your moon phase?

Even with this social theme, your attention often turns to work, career, business, health, and other practical affairs, and this increases as the month advances. First, Venus heads into your work and health sector early in the month, and your focus on bringing harmony to your daily routines can be fruitful. You have a lot of intense energy in this area of your chart, and that means you often feel pressured to produce, but with Venus here now, you're enjoying your daily life more and more.

You can turn even difficult tasks into fun exercises now. There can be a social theme brought to your pursuit of health or work goals, possibly connecting you with companions or friends through these endeavors. Next, Mercury heads into your intimacy sector on the 10th.

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This transit encourages making plans and formulating strategies rather than jumping into action. It's a good time to talk through normally complicated matters or to mediate and negotiate better relations, finances, support, and life strategies. You may be doing more troubleshooting than usual, and you're very successful at the task!

On the 14th, Mars makes it to the peak of your solar chart, firing up your ambitions to perform. The combination of Mars here and Venus and Mercury now in background areas of your solar chart, your business intelligence is through the roof, making the second half of February particularly strong for working productively and getting to the bottom of matters.

Meanwhile, Uranus is on its last leg of its transit of your spirit sector, and Mars joins with Uranus on February This is a powerful period for last-minute changes to an educational path, belief system, and mental focus or attitude. A new way of thinking or belief system may even emerge now. From February 14th until the end of March, you're enthusiastic about taking care of business and anxious to succeed and meet or exceed your goals. While exciting for life path goals, you can sometimes feel that you're in the hot seat with Mars challenging your sign during this transit.

You do prefer a more straightforward approach to life than what's offered you now, but you can work with this energy and use it to your advantage, laying the groundwork for more outgoing times to come. After the Full Moon on the 19th, you're likely to see a matter related to your income, financial situation, possessions, valuables, or sense of self-worth more clearly.

Full Moon for February 2020

You may have been feeling stuck or unable to make a move before this date, leading to an epiphany about your needs and wants. You're pushing through obstacles now.

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In the last week of the month, you might have the opportunity to collect on a debt or pay off one. It's a good time to make contacts who help you manage money or who readily support you. You may be able to draw upon resources you never knew you had. It's an active time for professional matters, but you may need to tone down your manner if you know you're right and others are not yet seeing it!

Full moon december astrology

Think "soft sell" for best results. Indeed, your natural enthusiasm is probably enough to sell a good idea or plan. There's an important theme surrounding health and work this month, with an increasing focus on partnerships, learning, fun, creativity, and games. The New Moon on the 4th aligns with your ruler, Mercury, and helps you focus on your priorities. There can be a chance to begin fresh or a new beginning related to your work, health, habits, daily routines, and self-care programs, and new information or insight can be the push forward now. It's a time for pursuing new or redefined goals related to any of these matters and is powerful for pushing forward with that which you were releasing or realizing in the last week of January.

In the meantime, the inner planets are slowly but surely moving into social areas of your chart, and your mood shifts accordingly. First, Venus heads into your creativity sector on the 3rd, exciting your interest in romance or creative pursuits, hobbies, entertainment, and leisure. While you should watch for a tendency to make decisions based on the desire for others' appreciation or approval, kept in check, it's a wonderful time for exploring your creative side and allowing it to shine. You can turn your desire for approval to your advantage and use it to motivate you to improve as well as express yourself and share your creations and feelings.

Second, Mercury moves into your partnership sector on the 10th. Mercury is usually quick, covering a sector in about three weeks, but this time around, Mercury will stick around for over nine weeks. You see your life in new ways as others offer you their perspective. You learn about yourself through conversations and companionship during this transit. It's a good time to pair up with someone, and your desire for mental companionship and cooperation can lead to interesting connections and experiences now.

Next up, Mars moves into your spirit sector from the 14th, and then the Sun joins Mercury in your partnership sector.

February 12222 New Moon in Aquarius

All signs point to a more involved, connected, and sociable time. Uranus is spending its last full month in your intimacy sector and aligns with Mars here on February This is a powerful period for moving on from an unstable period related to your intimate life, financial situation, or support, perhaps with one more push or thrust! You may have a strong desire to clear up excess debt, both material and psychic, and to get rid of excess baggage in general. This is a time for mustering up the courage to make meaningful changes, but it's important to distinguish between impulse and intuition.

Reacting keeps you tied to others in uncomfortable ways while taking action puts you in charge of your life. Watch for surprises or abrupt moves in an intimate relationship now. On February 14th, Mars moves into your spirit sector, firing up your desire to get a little more from your life until the end of March. You tend to fight for what you believe in, and you're more courageous about expressing your ideas or opinions.

This can be the start of an exciting new passion or interest. After the 19th is an eyes-wide-open time regarding a matter related to your personal goals, personality, health, outlook, and independence or initiative with a Full Moon occurring in your sign and pulling up powerful feelings. A sense of being stuck can lead to an epiphany about your true feelings on a matter. Enthusiasm stirred up in the last week of February can take you far. You may be seeking to feel more alive, vital, and vibrant through other people or through relationships. Others can inspire you to get moving.

While you're feeling motivated, you're not inclined to go into overdrive, and this is a good thing.